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Why You Should Seriously Consider Hooking Up With a Gamer


Why You Should Seriously Consider Linking With a Gamer

I admit it, I’m a gamer girl. Geek is the new chic, now that smartphones put games right at our fingertips, it’s hard not to enjoy a game in some places.

Dating a gamer can be hard for somebody who doesn’t understand our enthusiasm for play, but don’t be so quick to dismiss to start dating ? with someone simply because their ideal night consists of playing Titanfall.

Top 5 Good reasons to Date a Gamer

  • Super-Fun Date Ideas C Things are a chance for a game title, challenge, contest, or general awesomeness C even dinner and a movie. Expect the unexpected when dating a gaming enthusiast, if they’ve willingly disconnected themselves from their game of choice they are interested in your company and can ensure that you have as entertaining as humanly possible.

Dating a Gamer

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  • Patient and Tech-Savvy C Gamers have no problem waiting many months, even years, for any sequel or expansion pack to hit the shelves. While awaiting those precious games to become available, serious gamers don’t have any trouble keeping themselves occupied by providing their very own technical support and equipment upgrades. When it comes time to make a serious decision about your next smart phone, ask a gamer, they love comparing specs and finding the sweetest tech.
  • Not Clingy C Gamers, typically, are usually homebodies who have no trouble picking out methods to keep themselves occupied and entertained for hours. Want to day friends while your gamer stays home? Not a problem! Odds are they’ve been looking toward the enjoying a couple of hours using their newest game anyway.

Consider Dating a Gamer

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  • Totally Prepped for the Zombie Apocalypse C Hear me on this, let’s suppose briefly that a zombie apocalypse is possible. When all hell breaks loose and zombies are shuffling around, looking for your best brain bits, it’s a gamer that you want with you. Trust me, hours of Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor have armed your gamer having the ability to remove multiple zombies with a single weapon. Quick reflexes and the ability to find safe places to take cover and rest are other traits you’ll want once the zombies come, as well as your gamer can also be trained in these areas. Consider those hours while watching console as valuable training time.
  • Amazing Gift Givers C Anyone can buy a funny card and flowers, but gifts such as these are tired and forgettable to some gamer. Instead, they see giving gifts as a challenge C particularly if they are simply interested in you C they’ll try to obtain the most unique, yet perfectly suited give celebrate the occasion.

I didn’t even mention the coplay and gaming conventions. Believe me, there are numerous great good reasons to date a gamer. Possess a different top 5 list of your own? Share it in the comments below. What are your 5 best reasons to date a gaming enthusiast?

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