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Plus Size Dating: Tips for Navigating Those Dangerous Curves


Plus Size Dating: Strategies for Navigating Those Dangerous Curves

Dating today is very different today compared to a few years back. Many Plus size women report they’re discovering it more readily found love during these modern times when compared with two decades ago. This may be due to social media and online dating which allows men and women to meet potential love interests based on their individual attraction preferences.

Plus Size Dating

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Even though the dating scene is becoming more hospitable, there are still some unique challenges which full figured women face regularly.

Challenges to Full figured Dating

  • Low Self-Esteem C Many big beautiful women experience challenges with dating, discovering it difficult to believe that guys are curious about dating them. This trend tends to begin early, as soon as the teenaged, senior high school years when these gorgeous gals develop into their womanly curves. Older men are usually mature enough to be interested in curvy girls, but those older fellows think they can prey upon the na?ve nature of girls who’ve developed early. The remedy to this will be cautious! Don’t rush into dating the first guy who shows interest.
  • The Idea That “Big Girls Are Easy” – Several big girls have negative dating experiences as early as high school once they meet guys who assume a girl’s negative self-image equates to a easy sex. In the end, every woman interprets sex as love, right? Wrong! Overcome this stereotype by holding yourself, as well as your potential dates to a higher standard of respect. You may be a big lady, but you’re still a lady, which means you’re worth better treatment.
  • Dating Big Women is really a Preference, Not a Fetish C Heavy women are not a new creation by stretch of the imagination, even if the media is just now coming around to celebrating the beauty of diversity. With so much media attention dedicated to plus size women, their curves, and ultra-feminine beauty, it has a tendency to encounter like a trendy fetish-style bandwagon to hop upon. Truth is, all of us have a dating preference as well as an idea of what’s attractive to them, this is also true when it comes to dating curvy girls. Short, tall, round, flat, take your pick, someone finds it attractive. If you’ve had a fellow chasing your skirt simply because he wants to cross something off his bucket list, send him packing. Dating someone who genuinely prefers big girls is really a lot more satisfying, because they understand how to appreciate you and also make you feel adored.
  • Difference in Private And Public Acceptance C Guys are afflicted by low self-esteem too. They love a curvy girl’s personality and like to chill in secret, at home, past the prying eyes of friends and society. However when it comes to acknowledging her in public that’s where things fall short. One method to avoid this is to be up front having a guy in the beginning, if he’s not able to enjoy your organization in all circumstances then he’s not necessarily worth enjoying your company. You deserve better, don’t accept less.

Seeing the Big Picture

Girlfriend, you deserve great things without other reason than you’re worthy. Elevated the bar for the kind of lover you would like in your life, and remember that at the end of your day it’s not about size.

There’s someone out there for everyone. Confidence is key! Dating is difficult for women of all sizes, especially if you’re struggling with low self-confidence.

Men love women of shapes and sizes, so love yourself and your size. When you love yourself for who you are, first and foremost, men can’t help but discover that attractive and wish to become familiar with you better.

Now I wish to hear from you! Regardless of your size, thick or thin, perhaps you have experienced a few of these challenges? How have you overcome them? Enter into the discussion in the comments below!

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