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Dating Tips for Men – What to do on First Date?


Dating Tips for Men – Things you can do on First Date

First dates, however much they create you nervous are pretty easy. They should be simple, low key but fun. You aren’t expected to bring your date to an expensive restaurant; you just need to make her comfortable and the environmentally friendly on her.

First Date Tips For Men

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Go out for Ice cream

If the weather is pleasant, you can get some frozen treats and go for a walk around the block. Sitting on a bench in the cozy evening will let the conversation follow in view of this romantic setting.

Go to Caf, restaurant

If the weather is not warm enough, probably staying indoors may be beneficial. Most common places to possess first date are bars, cafes and restaurants. Conversations will probably stay longer than a mug of coffee or an entre of meal.

Walk in the downtown

Ask her fun questions, keep her occupied. Women like to talk about themselves, well most. Ask her if she is adventurous, dare her. Play the questions game.

Zoo or aquarium

There is a lot to determine and thus to talk a great deal. The date will be very playful, simple and inexpensive. Take food for picnic afterwards. You can talk about nature, pets and environment.

Mini golfing

If the elements is warm, you are able to go play mini golf outdoors. If she doesn’t understand how to play, you can always teach her. What other fantastic way to get intimate. Simply have nice, relaxed and simple going time.


Going to the beach is the perfect way to savor the sun’s rays and fascinating company. Take the beach chairs, books, food, and drinks along with you. Just benefit from the people around, and chat away.

Picnic inside a Park

Picnic in the park can be simply a quiet get together that allows for interesting conversation. This would also be a good venue to show off your cooking and serving skills.

Local industry events, exhibitions

During fall or summer, you will find tonnes of interesting industry events and exhibitions, exotic food shows, designer shows, wine exhibitions which happen locally. Walking and holding hands will sound cozy and heartwarming.

Cultural Events

Many cities hold multicultural festivals. It’s always fun to get acquainted with other cultures. Visit popular Chinese lantern, South African or Mosaic Cultural Festivals where one can enjoy food, dancing, rides, sceneries etc.

What NOT to do on a first date:

Do not pretend to be somebody you’re not If you don’t like watching comedies, but she does, do NOT state that you do too. If she’s vegetarian and you’re simply not, do not say that you like vegetables as well. Just saying it so that it makes her happy will not assist in the long term. Truth will invariably emerge eventually. Sooner you understand each other the greater.

Do not mention regarding your ex Obsessing over your exes enables you to look insecure. If you are still bruised over an ex or simply like to discuss them, share your emotions with a family member or friend, but not your date you are taking out the very first time.

Do not judge her just by the first date Unless she’s totally lost it or else you don’t feel chemistry whatsoever, do not rush to first date judgment. Most of the time it is not possible to see actual personalities of people just by meeting for few hours. You don’t want to be hasty and regret your choice later.

Do not leave her hanging If you promised to call her, call her, even if you don’t want to. If you do not desire to see her again, just tell her. Do not leave her hanging waiting for your call.

Always make sure to contain the doors on her, take her coat, be gentle. Be a good listener, be yourself and try to have fun. It will help a great deal should you knew her favorite color, food, music, movie, place or ice cream flavor. You’ll have to place in some effort and time to get to understand her. But once that part is performed, she will definitely understand the thoughts and time you devote.

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