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The Best Way to Win Her Over with Words


The Best Way to Win Her Over with Words

The first thing to realize, before trying to win over a woman, is that she is perhaps one of the most complicated and complex beings in the world.

Ways to win her over

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In their choice of men they tend to look for certain personality traits and do not just rely on looks. They look attributes of intelligence and masculinity on the first date and they seek out a man who has a fun personality.

Men need to understand then the art of communicating with a woman is much more difficult then communicating with a man. It requires you to be calm and composed while maintaining a degree of sophistication.

Listed below are some manners of speaking to a woman which are bound to win her over:

The Pitch of your Voice should be Low

The pitch of a man’s voice is very important to women. They prefer to men with deep voices as it is an indicator of masculinity. Furthermore, men with low pitched voice sound more assertive and mature as compared to those with pitch.

Stand upright

It creates a good first impression to stand straight as it makes you look taller then you actually are. Standing straight gives an impression of how of dominant you are plus it makes you seem very attractive to women.

Use rare words

The thing is that when you display a better vocabulary it makes you seem smarter and has a profound effect on the woman next to you. She will be impressed almost at once.

Play with your words

It is indicated by many studies that men who have the ability to align their words in an interesting and an attractive way, are perceived as intelligent among women. It is therefore important that you display this quality to women in order to impress them.

Display a sense of humor

Women are attracted to men who have a good sense of humor. This sense of humor does not mean that you should make fun of others; you need to be spontaneous and realistic and should not be copied or staged. Women can spot a fake a mile away and will be turned off.

Use Smart Pickup Lines

These include one liners which are representative of the generous, helpful, and wealthy nature of the man. Empty compliments or sexual innuendos are huge turnoffs.

Give her the impression that you are a somebody

A guy who has his life planned out and is passionate about his goals will attract women. You should discuss what you intend to achieve in the future and your goals with her in order to gain her attention. Women tend to look for men who are ambitious and they are looking to be supportive of their ambitions.

Share something personal with her

If you see signs of a potential deep relationship, then you need to lower your guard. This involves giving her a glimpse of your soft side and letting her know how sensitive you are.

These tips will surely help you win over the girl you like.

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