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How To Avoid Killing Your Relationship


How To Avoid Killing Your Relationship

Just as fast as relationships strengthen, they weaken even faster. That is how love is. You fall in love and it is the best feeling in the world. New love has excitement and passion but once your relationship enters into a serious stage, you will start to face little problems.

How to avoid killing your relationship

Then you’ll see those little problems turning into huge fights or will take you away from your partner. This is the story of almost every couple because love is never unconditional. Feelings fade and that new love and excitement that you remember goes away.

So how can you work on your relationship and make it stay? How do you keep it tight what once was a perfect relationship? Let’s look at some basic things that will help you hold on to your relationship and stay strong.

Give Each Other Space

After moving in together, couples often act like a leech. Nobody likes to be watched all the time, and there comes a point when everyone needs to be left alone or be given some space.

Even I would be ticked off if I had to be with someone all the time. That is way too irritating and when you are available all the time, your partner starts to take out other frustration on you.

If you can, head out of home. Go for groceries or hit the mall and buy yourself some decent clothes. This is the best way to stay out of home and take a break from things for a while. Also, it will give him/her some space and your partner will surely miss your absence.

Create a Little Excitement

Remember why you guys fell in love? Yes, you fell in love because there was a spark in the relationship. There were little exciting things that you did that made your relationship perfect.

So why not try something exciting now? The mistake couples make is that they stop giving each other the importance that they used to before getting into a serious relationship.

Re-discover how you people managed to have fun in the early days. Try to incorporate that into your life. Not every day but sometimes is okay. If flirting around or a romantic dinner was your way, go for it. Maybe you two will get that spark back.

Don’t Blame

The worst thing you could do to your relationship is blame your partner for everything. Blaming is never good; it always brings out anger and frustration amongst people.

If you are frustrated, don’t take it out on your partner. He/she might be feeling the same way. You people are on the same page with the relationship. If one is unhappy the other becomes automatically unhappy.

There are no two ways to this. Try to maintain your calm and instead of fighting and playing the blame game, try to make some effort to lighten the mood.

This will not only make your partner realize why he loved you in the first place but will also make your relationship better.

Always remember, killing your relationship will only hurt you. So try to be happy and stay positive. If you have managed to keep your relationship happy and perfect then do share it with us.

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