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He's Just Not That Into You – Here's Some Reasons Why


He’s Just Not That Into You – Here’s Some Reasons Why

For the most part, men are simple creatures. If they aren’t interested, they simply aren’t interested, and it’s nothing personal.

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But every once in a while, there’s a possibility that you’re contributing to him wanting to be somewhere else, with someone else, as soon as possible.

Because I genuinely believe you deserve happiness and good things, please take my frank advice and avoid these relationship killers.

If You Do Any of These Too Often, He Might Run For the Hills

He’s Already Got One Mother – Stop nagging already! If a guy has agreed to do something, he doesn’t need to be reminded every six weeks. Sheesh! He’ll get around to it as soon as he’s done with this raid. His team of Xbox homies are counting on his sniper skills, this is important stuff.
Honestly though, the more you needle a man to do something, the more he will behave like a boy in response. Nothing good ever comes from nagging, unless you count “good-bye” as a positive.

You Got Comfortable – Remember those fun days of buying the perfect lacy bra and panty set to match your favorite Star Wars socks? I bet your man liked those sweet little surprise glimpses of cleavage when you bent over to fetch a homemade casserole from the oven.

Where have those days gone? Just because you settled into a comfortable relationship doesn’t mean it’s cool to wear pajamas 24/7. That look only works for Hugh Hefner, and that’s because he’s wearing custom tailored sleepwear.

You Withhold Sex – Sisters, please, sex is not a weapon! If you’re not having sex with your sweetie because he did something annoying, then use your words! Haven’t you ever heard that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?

Sure, I get that sometimes you’re tired and you really do have a headache, but not every day of the year. I guarantee, if he’s not getting his belly rubbed at home, he’ll go sniffing around for a new place to bed down.

I share because I care. Trust me, I have been guilty of all of the above, and it didn’t turn out pretty. You can save yourself a lot of heartache by learning from my past mistakes. Naturally, I want to learn from your mistakes as well! What has caused you to lose interest in your some of your past relationships?

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