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7 Signs That he Has Fallen For You Head Over Heals


7 Signs That he Has Fallen For You Head Over Heals

So you are crushing this guy who is out of your league and he’s kind of your friend now. How will you figure out if he has started to like you? It is not a code that you have to break but there are simple signs that tell you that he has fallen for you.

Signs he has fallen for you

Women are totally different when it comes to falling in love. They feel excited, happy, overwhelmed and what not. It’s like a roller coaster of emotions for them. But for the tough guys it’s different.

They don’t publicize their feelings and control their emotions. The really simple things and actions will easily determine whether or not they love you.

1. He will talk more

He would want to talk to you more. He might text you asking random stuff and this sudden outbreak of messages and emails means that he has started liking you.

2. He will start to share

If a guy is really falling for you then he’d want to share his stories with you. He will tell you about his family, friends, his hobbies, likes and dislikes and might ask you the same. Remember that guys are not like girls and they take time to open up to someone and if they are sharing important things with you then they are definitely falling for you.

3. Make meet-up plans

Sing she has fallen in love with you

If a guy is falling for you then he’d want to spend more time with. If you receive texts like thee than know that you have successfully made him fall.

4. Notices little things

When a guy likes a girl he starts to observe her. If he gives you compliments on your dressing, hair color, your shoes then know that he is taking time out to observe you. He definitely likes you a lot.

5. Late night calls

Okay so I have to admit that it is adorable when guys call you for no reason at 1 in the morning. This means they want to talk to you and they were probably thinking about you. How romantic would that be?

6. He will be protective of you

Being protective and taking care of you is a sign that he is falling for you. He would want you to be safe and happy.

7. He will own you

Isn’t it totally sexy when guys try to own you in the crowd? You are walking in a mall and he grabs your waist to pull you close or holds your hand, means that he is trying to show off your friendship.

Mission Accomplished

Has he fallen in love with you

You’ve been drooling over this guy for months and after days of trying and waiting you have successfully made him fall for you. The process is slow and I would never suggest rushing these matters.

It is best to take time and stay calm. The good will itself come to you. Closely observe his actions because men are poor at expressing their feeling through words. When the time is right, he’ll admit that he loves you.

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