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6 Warning Signs That You Are Dating a Narcissist


6 Warning Signs That You Are Dating a Narcissist

Guys do you often feel that your girlfriend is overshadowing you in the relationship? You feel like a side kick and your girl never misses a chance to gain attention.

This attitude is downright annoying and too dangerous on so many levels. You need to figure out if your girlfriend is a self-obsessed psycho.

There are signs that you can follow and declare your girlfriend a narcissist. What are those signs? Having trouble figuring it out then read on to find out.

She puts herself first

She never hears you out. She is always thinking about herself. This is what a typical narcissist girlfriend would do. She is so captivated by her own self that she forgets to give you importance. You will be bothered with this behavior and to be honest it’ll put you off.

Selfie Obsession

Are you dating a narcissist

If she is always taking photos of herself; when she wakes up, before the gym, after the gym, before going to bed, eating a burger, flaunting her new dress, going to a party, and on and on and on.

The endless streak of photos for absolutely no reason at all is self-obsession and I’m sorry to break it to you my friend but your girlfriend is a mid-level narcissist. There is no place for you in her selfies. Sadness!

Over Exaggerating Everything

If your girl tells you that she was mistaken to be a super model at her boss’s party then remember she is just over-exaggerating.

Someone might have hit her with a compliment or two but this story she’s telling you is totally made up. Of course she is beautiful and smart and sexy but this was way over board.

Many narcissist girlfriends tell false or unrealistic stories to gain everybody’s attention. Annoying habit alert!

Mirror Mirror

Dating a narcissist

You realize that you girlfriend talks to the mirror more than she talks to you. This is a basic sign that your girlfriend is a narcissist.

Always Wanting More

You shower her with so many compliments but she still wants to hear more. You run out of things to say and then you are in big trouble. The thing about narcissist girlfriends is that they always want someone to praise them.

If you are unable to provide her with her daily quota of compliments then she might become angry and tell you that you don’t appreciate her. Add another irritating habit to the list!

If you truly madly deeply love her

Signs that you are dating a narcissist

If this is the case then try to deal with this attitude. Make no big deal out of it and maintain your calm. After all you love this annoying little narcissist of yours. Dealing with a self-obsessed woman is never easy.

These women tend to dictate and control your life. Guys usually break-up with such girls and if you can handle a girl like that then make sure you give her the attention she needs or else her crazy switch will flip and she’ll turn you into a total wreck.

Have you ever experienced a situation like this than tell us how you dealt with it.

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