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Things to Avoid When She is Upset


Things to Avoid When She is Upset

The ability to deal with women, when they are emotional, is a rare gift and not everybody has it. The most troublesome fact is that when confronted with feelings men usually become very uncomfortable, hence, they fear any such encounters.

Things to avoid when she is upset

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This fear compels them to make an attempt at fixing the situation and this attempt usually results in making the situation worse.

Any such attempt usually ends with the man being labeled as insensitive and hopeless. Guys need to understand the right things to say in order to comfort their girl when she is getting all emotional.

This is one of the reasons why girls prefer to visit their female friends in such cases because they know best about their wants. This, however, means that the relationship is not going in a healthy direction. Here is a list of things that guys should avoid saying when their girl is upset.

You’re going to be alright

Stating the obvious never works, she already knows that she is going to be alright, you don’t have to tell her that. A better statement would be, “I realize that you are very upset right now.”

Don’t cry

That’s perhaps the worst thing you can say to her. Telling her not to cry at a time when she is upset is like asking her to stop breathing. “I will get some tissues for you,” would be a more appropriate thing to say.

Maybe you just need to get laid

Wrong thing to say man, because that’s probably what you want, not her. You would be better off with simple gestures like stroking her hair or spooning her.

Stay strong for me

What is the matter with you? This isn’t about you it’s about her and its high time that you learn about how being emotionally vulnerable is a strength in itself. You would do better with words like, “You can through this. You are strong.”

Looking confused or Being Dead Silent

These are the biggest forms of failures in terms of non verbal failures. During emotional times, you would do well to maintain eye contact while carrying a compassionate expression on your face.

It’s not a big deal. We don’t need to make a production out of this

What an incredibly insensitive and selfish thing to say. It may not be a big deal for you but it’s clearly a big deal for her. Would it kill you to ask her to explain why she is getting so worked up?

Are you getting your period?

What is that supposed to mean? Isn’t she allowed to be sensitive to things when she isn’t having her period? A better thing would be ask her if she is feeling sensitive on that particular day.

There’s nothing you can do to change it, so why are you getting upset?

Well, if it isn’t Captain Obvious to the rescue. There are a lot of things in the world that you can’t change but does that mean that you stop caring about them?

You would be better off with saying something like, “I understand that it’s difficult to accept.”

Try to avoid these things and watch how well things turn out for you.

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