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Listen Up Singles – Consider Dating a Musician


Listen Up Singles – Consider Dating a Musician

Musicians get a bad rap when it comes to relationships. Songs like Beth by KISS sum it up pretty well, late-night jam sessions can make a musician’s sweetheart feel left out and neglected.

Reasons for dating a musician

But it’s not all bumpy roads, and there are certainly some perks to being a musician’s special someone. Once you get past the wall of screaming fans that would give their left arm to be you for just one day, dating a musician can be a lot of fun.

Nimble Fingers

Get your mind out of the gutter! Although musicians are known for their ability to combine rhythm and melody in many a delightful and sensual ways, what I really means is they have good hands. Great for opening tight jars, or tightening loose screws, musicians may even write a funny little song to accompany their handy work around the house.

Good Listeners

Everything and anything is fair game for inspiration when it comes to a musician. You can bet they’ll listen closely to your stories, picking up subtle emotion and feeling, possibly for use in a song at some point down the road.


Why consider dating a musician

Practice makes perfect, and the standing ovations that musicians certainly doesn’t hurt their abundance of pride. Accustomed to holding the spotlight on center stage, musicians are often the life of the party and have no shortage of weird and wild stories to share.

Immortalized in Song

Musicians have passionate souls, they may seem closed off to the world when they’re focused on perfecting a song, but chances are that song is about your ultimate awesomeness. Long after the relationship ends, people all around the world will be singing songs about Johnny, Delilah, and maybe even you.

Eclectic Taste in Music

There’s a solidarity amongst musicians, you’ll never be at a loss for ear candy. Musicians like to share their music amongst themselves, not only to get gigs and exposure, but for the sheer love of creating music with other like-minded people. It’s a great way to gain an appreciation for the power of networking and community.

Let’s Hear it For the Band

Dating a musician can be fun

Dating a musician can be quite an interesting experience. Being in a long-term relationship with a musician can be something completely different.

Are you a musician, have you dated a musician, or know someone who has dated a musician? Share your experiences and advice in the comments below.

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