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“You Can Do Better Than Him!” – When to Ignore Your Girlfriends


“You Can Do Better Than Him!” – When to Ignore Your Girlfriends

Your very best friends aren’t always going to approve of your choices. This goes for party dresses, make-up application, and boyfriends. Believe me, it’s a sign of how much your girls love you, they only want to see you enjoying the best of the best.

When to ignore your girlfriends

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Other times, however, your girls are just being overly dramatic. Knowing if they have a legitimate gripe can be difficult to discern, it’s one thing to buy a new dress or try a new way of applying eyeliner.

When it comes to your relationships, on the other hand, you need to dig a little deeper to see if your are making mountains out of molehills.

Stick With Your Man, and Tell Your Friends to Stick It If:

  • You’re Genuinely Happy – Not everyone can appreciate your low-brow and zany sense of humor, sometimes not even your girlfriends. But if you’re genuinely satisfied and content with your man, bad puns and all, then you can probably ignore what your girlfriends have to say about finding a better man.
  • They’re Cranky and Bitter – Sometimes you’ve got to read between the lines. If your girls are complaining because they’re sitting around lonesome and bored now that you’re in a happy relationship, the boyfriend isn’t the problem – your girls just miss you and want some of your free time. Open up your schedule some and enjoy fun with your besties.
  • They Haven’t Even Met Him – Do your friends chime in with something negative about your man every time you share some news even though they’ve never even met him? Chances are they just aren’t giving him a fair shake. Sure, they could be protective of you, and they could be projecting their own fears and worries on to your happy relationship. Arrange a dinner party, or a night out for drinks, so your honey can meet your girls and hopefully silence their concerns.

Go Easy On Them, They Mean Well

No matter how much it may annoy you when your friends nag you to dump your boyfriend, try to remember that they have the best of intentions for you. Think of it as an opportunity to understand what has them so concerned about your relationship. Chances are they just want to spend more time with you and they’re a little envious of your happiness, don’t hate them for loving you.

Have you had a similar experience with your own friends telling you to dump your sweetheart because you can do better? How did handle the situation?

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