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Finding Diamonds In the Rough – Reasons to Date a Geek


Finding Diamonds In the Rough – Reasons to Date a Geek

Reasons for dating a geek

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In case you haven’t heard, geeks are the new standard of sexy in the dating scene.

Anyone can land a mega-stud piece of beefcake, those guys are all over dating websites and can be easily identified by their multiple shirtless profile pics.

But a genuine geek, you have to go digging for those diamonds.

Instead of sorting your potential matches by height, weight and location, search for the signs of geekdom.

To spot a geek look for key phrases such as “Call of Duty”, “Xbox”, and “Techie”.

Trust me, it’s well worth it.

4 Reasons to Date a Geek

Geeks are passionate about the tiniest details when it comes to the things they love. This includes remembering your birthday, your anniversary, and the exact shade of blue you were wearing the first time you kissed. Often times a geek will use this precious knowledge to select the ideal gift for the occasion.

Why you should date a geek

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Many geeks are attracted to the newest advances in technology, meaning they have no trouble fixing problems you may be experiencing with your gaming console or laptop. In addition to being patient and goal focused, geeks often go for quality compared to glitz. If you’re looking to upgrade your mobile device, take a geek along for the shopping trip. Better yet, make a date of it.

Geeks are educated on a broad array of interesting and quirky topics. You’ll never be at a loss for cool conversation topics. The more you can hang in a geeky conversation the better because nothing pushes a geek’s buttons quite like a sharp mind and quick wit.

Many geeks have been the focus of teasing at some point in their youth, meaning they can totally empathize when you vent about a cruddy day at the office. Because they’ve survived the emotional jungle gym of youth, most geeks are now equipped with the ability to laugh at themselves, no longer caring what others may think. This cool confidence can be a rather attractive quality compared to the overinflated arrogance of macho men.

You’ve Found a Geek, Now What?

Because geeks tend to be homebodies, content to amuse themselves at home with their collection of games, tech, and toys, it’s rare that they will make the first move to strike up a conversation. Have the confidence to say hello and get their attention.

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