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Uptight and Nervous? You Are Ruining Your First Date!


Uptight and Nervous? You Are Ruining Your First Date!

First Date Advice For Men

Being nervous on your first date is healthy, but going overboard with your nerves, sweating, feeling nauseous, and acting awkward, will not win you a second date with the same person.

I know how hard it is to pull yourself together to face the girl or guy you really like, but if you over think, you’re all but inviting trouble.

First off, it’s really unattractive for your date to look at you being skittish. Secondly, when you are nervous, you tend do act dumb, you even break things accidentally, or worse, might fall off the chair!

To avoid any embarrassing situation on your first date, read on for some amazing tips that ’ll help you conquer your nerves.

Over-thinking: A big NO-NO

When you have finally planned to take your crush out for a date and you are very happy about it and then suddenly you realize you have to make it perfect. Often, these situations cause a person to over think things.

Over thinking is dangerous because it might create a situation which was not there in the first place. Don’t over think about the place where you’ll meet, your dressing, your face, your hair, your behavior. Stay calm and go with the flow.

Share Likes and Dislikes

First Date Advice For Men

Often on a first date, the awkward guy and girl have nothing to talk about.

Don’t let the silence conquer; instead, start a good conversation by asking about her/his likes and dislikes.

This will help you break the ice and engage with each other. Most importantly, you’ll get to know the person you are dating a little more.

Environment Matters

Yes, if you think it is the least important thing than you are absolutely wrong. Don’t choose a restaurant or place which is too formal. Where silence prevails and where you can hear your own thoughts.

Choose a comfortable and relaxing environment. This will help you ease-up. Choose a restaurant that plays songs and the chairs/sofas are comfortable.

Don’t Expect Too Much

First Date Advice For Men

Most of the nervousness happens when you expect too much of yourself or of the person you are about to date. Don’t get your expectations high, or else everything will start to fall apart.

Don’t Make It a Big Deal!

Everyone has gone through the dating phase, and first dates are often brushed off as almost everyone is a bit nervous. If you will make your first date such a big deal to portray yourself as the perfect man or woman, you’ll only end up not seeing that person ever again.

Just like you are tensed up, your date might also be feeling the same. It is natural, and by making it a big deal, you’ll end up coming off as a retard.

Anyone who has faced awkward and embarrassing moments on their first dates? Share it with us so that we could help you get prepared for your next first date.

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