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Why dating with depression is bad


Why dating with depression is bad

Depression is very common amongst people, particularly women. When their first love leaves them for any variety of odd reasons, they stress out and fall prey to depression.

Depression is a mini-time bomb because it kills you from inside. If you are dating someone new with your depression, it may get ugly. Let’s look at some of the worst parts about dating with depression.

You don’t trust your partner

Dating with Depression

When you are out of a dragging relationship that you’ve been in for years, you tend to lose trust in mankind as a whole. Yes, that’s true. You find it hard to trust guys and don’t believe them in the first instant.

This is a major problem that depression causes and weakens your present relationship. You start to ask questions to him, you want to know where he had been, you don’t want to let him out of your sight, you don’t believe what he says, and countless other things.

This ticks your guy off and he starts to avoid you. This is a very bad sign and he might be thinking about getting rid of you.

Lack of focus

Dating with depression is bad idea

Even when you like this new guy you are dating, you seem to be lost in your past. This is a very common problem caused by depression. You are unable to focus on your current date.

You don’t remember his stories, you are almost lost when he is talking to you, you don’t talk much, and you stay quiet most of the time. Your entire focus stays within yourself.

Over-thinking things

When you have been ditched in the past, you start to intensify the impact of certain things. If he tells you he likes you, you’ll hear that he’s saying that he does not love you.

If he says he’ll think about it, you’ll assume that he’s trying to ignore you. When you start to exaggerate little things and take out a negative meaning out of it then things start to become ugly. You will start to fight and argue more.

You lose yourself

Dating while depressed

The most important thing for a successful and happy relationship is for people to be happy. If you will underestimate yourself and will put yourself down, you’ll never be happy. No matter what your guy does, you will not be satisfied.

Feeling good about your own self is the most important thing. Love yourself and happiness will itself come to you. Don’t feel vulnerable but feel happy from within. Once you are happy, your relationship will automatically become better.

Surrounded by negative thoughts

Insecurity, jealousy, over-protective attitude, and mistrust take place in your mind when you are depressed. You look at things with a negative perspective. You become afraid to think positively.

You connect your positive attitude to your past and find it a bad idea for your present. You just see the negative side of things. This attitude makes your partner drift away from you because no one wants a psycho in their life.

Be happy and you’ll find peace. Seek professional help if your depression gets out of hands. Share with us if you have successfully dealt with your depression and turned your life around.

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