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Flirting 101: A Beginner's Guide to Memorable Texts


Flirting 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Memorable Texts

How To Send Flirty Texts

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Flirtation is an art. In public settings you’ve got the benefit of body language, eye-contact, and vocal cues.

Through text messages however, it’s a bit of a challenge. Not only do you have to deal with the headache of auto-correct getting your message all wrong, but you have nerve-wracking agony of waiting for a response.

Before you go blindly texting in the hopes of flipping some flirt switches, brush up your game with these tried and true techniques.

Start with a plan!

You can’t just toss out some keywords that tweak a man’s attention and expect them to stick. A strategy is in order here, because men love the thrill of a chase. Timing, attitude, and context all factor into the equation of getting a man’s attention and holding it.

If your man is busy and stressed out about a million different projects at work, telling him you love how sexy he looks while changing your car’s oil is going to have the opposite of its intended effect. Begin with a playful attitude, rather than with a desperate agenda of attention-seeking.

Silence is Golden

Build tension and anticipation by knowing when to pull back and stop talking. Men love to feel like hunters in pursuit of an enviable catch. Playing hard to get will ensure you stay on your guy’s mind.

Tension and anticipation eventually turn into longing and desire. In short, the less you initiate conversation they more he will want to talk. Keep yourself busy with fun activities during the stretches of peaceful silence.

After all, part of what makes you a memorable woman is the fact that you have a fun, active life that’s a complete mystery to him.

Boost his confidence

How to send flirty text messages


Most men won’t tell you this, but guys are pretty insecure by nature. A little subtle confidence boosting goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression with a man.

When he asks what you want to do when you go out, tell him to surprise you. This one little request of a surprise will make him feel masculine by letting him take charge and make decisions.

To really seal the deal and make him feel like a king, show him your genuine appreciation by having a great time doing whatever fun activity he chooses.

Knowing that you’re having a fantastic time because of his efforts will really stroke his ego. Follow up with a text letting him know that you can’t stop thinking about what an amazing amount of fun you had, and how you’re looking forward to more surprises.

Be a Lady

Guys like a bit of transparency, but they don’t necessarily want a crystal clear window. Honestly, there’s a lot to be said about leaving a little something to the imagination.

Sending a text message that’s blatantly erotic may get his attention, but it doesn’t necessarily paint you in a favorable light.

Instead, show off your self-confidence by being playful, quick-witted, and just out of reach. When you carry yourself with genuine confidence it’s just downright sexy.

Because of this obvious sex-appeal, when you show interest in a man it makes him feel special, and he can’t help but want to get closer to you as a result.

Tease him, gently

Flirty Texting

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Guys love complements, they live for them. Guys also love to tease and say goofy stuff.

If you’re going to tease your fellow about something, do it in a way that builds him up rather than cuts him down.

For instance, if your man is venting about working long hours, that’s a great time to say something like, “It’s a shame you have to put in such long hours, but I have faith in you because you’re able-bodied, super-smart and absolutely awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing you so I can show you how much I appreciate all of your hard work.”

Think of it as the nice way of saying “Pull up your big boy pants, Junior, and you’ll get a treat if you make it through the week.”

In addition to an ego-boost, he’ll be thinking of you as his imagination runs wild over all the things that may be in store the next time you meet.

Enjoy the Ride

Being memorable doesn’t happen overnight. Start with a plan and trust your instincts, but most of all, keep it light and fun. Remember, at the end of the day you want a man you can have tons of fun with that craves your company.

There’s no need to rush things when you can savor the journey. When it comes to being memorable and the sort of lady that men go crazy for, what are some of your secrets? What are some of the most successful flirty texts that you’ve used in the past?

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