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Why Should You Date a Guy Who Owns a Cat


Why Should You Date a Guy Who Owns a Cat

You like a guy and he owns a cat? Wait what? Isn’t it a win-win situation for you girls? Girls love guys who own a pet, especially the meowing kind (a cat). They perceive the guy with a cat to be more sensitive and loving.

If you guys own a dog, it might not seem as attractive as owning a cat.

Dogs are very obedient, and we have all seen guys walking around with huge dogs, showing off their dominating skills, their controlling behavior, and most of all, assuming that they look oh so tough because they own a ferocious dog!

That’s where you guys are mistaken. Girls die for guys who own a cat, and if you are struggling with getting a girl attracted towards you, then the deal is simple, GET A CAT!

Girls, I have some interesting reasons to why you should date a cat owner.

It Makes a Guy Look Much Hotter!

Guys Who Own Cat

No, I’m absolutely not kidding. Guys who own a cat come off as sexier than the rest.

Because guys are assumed to be tough and strong and when they take care of a pet like a cat, it really is an awwwwing moment. Strong and Caring at the same time will make you drool. Literally!

Haven’t you all been drooling over Ian Somerhalder?

Yes, the vampire diaries star. Hot right? He owns a cat and also runs an animal welfare.

Tough On the Outside, Soft on the Inside!

When a guy has a cat, no matter how tough he seems, he is probably very sensitive on the inside. Girls fall for such guys because we ourselves are very sensitive. They want someone to understand them, and who else can understand a girl more than a guy who owns a kitty cat.

He Sure Is a Responsible Guy

Owning a cat means a lot of responsibility. Feeding it, keeping it clean, and playing with it, giving proper attention to it, and getting its check-up done frequently.

And when a guy is up for a responsibility like this, he will be able to handle anything. Girls are attracted to guys who are responsible and take care of their responsibilities. Owning a cat surely means that he will be responsible towards you too.

Famous Owners and Famous Cats

1. The hot tattooed guy who owns the famous ‘lil bub’

hot tattooed guy who owns the famous ‘lil bub’

2. Sam Rockwell, the ‘Seven Psychopaths’ star, also owns a cat

Sam Rockwell, the ‘Seven Psychopaths’ star, also owns a cat

3. OMG! He loves the Grumpy Cat too!

Dating guys who love cats

After seeing all of this, who wouldn’t want to date a guy who owns a cat?

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