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“You Can Do Better Than Him!” – When to Listen to Your Girlfriends


“You Can Do Better Than Him!” – When to Listen to Your Girlfriends

It’s a tale as old as time, when it comes to the people who know you best and love you most, no man will ever be good enough to hold your heart, let alone your hand.

When to listen to your girlfriends

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Sometimes your girlfriends are right, after all they’ve known you the longest and they’ve seen you through thick and thin. If anyone knows who might be a good match for you, it’s your inner circle of friends.

Unless you’re hanging with a heap of drama queens, it’s a safe bet that none of your girlfriends wants to tell you that your boyfriend is a creep. No one wants to hear that their boyfriend is sub-par dating material.

After all, it was hard enough to find that one decent boyfriend, it could be a pain in the neck to find someone better. Yet if your friends mention any of these three warning signs, you may want to listen up and look at little closer at your relationship.

Three Signs It’s Time to Dump That Chump

  • You’re Not Yourself – If you’re not your usual happy-go-lucky self when you’re with your man, or your friends notice that you’re acting like a totally different person around your guy, then they could be on to something when they tell you to ditch him. It’s one thing to tone down your whacky sense of humor because you don’t know how your guy will respond, but to completely change your personality is a whole other story. No one can keep up that act forever, it gets frustrating and exhausting.
  • You’ve Stopped Socializing – At the beginning of a relationship it’s understandable that you and your sweetie will want to be joined at the hip. But if you’ve stopped socializing completely – this means hanging with your friends, spending time with family, or simply becoming a hermit – then there could be a problem.
  • You’ve Lost Your Conviction – What happened to you? You used to be so passionate about ending world hunger, now when you see a picture of starving child in the Philippines you fret over serving up a hot dinner the moment your man gets home. When your entire world centers around a single individual and you’ve lost your passion for the things you once held dear, your girlfriends may be right that it’s time to reevaluate the relationship.

Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend

At the end of the day the choice to move on from a relationship is your own, but if your friends are acting concerned you may want to take some time to examine things for yourself.

But what about the other side of that coin, have you ever had to tell a friend that they’re dating a punk? How did you break the news?

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