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Senior Dating Tips: Dating Advice For People Over 50


Senior Dating Tips: Dating Advice For People Over 50

Are you over 50, single and retired? Are you looking for a date? If you are, well you are not alone.

Senior Dating Tips

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Senior dating can be the best dating of your life. Think about it, what you bring to the table now is pretty significant. Seniors daters tend to have better sense of humor and be less fussy about who they talk to and other dating issues.

As a matter of fact, you have got wisdom, experience and street smarts to help you identify exactly what you are looking for in a relationship. Many women feel sexy after menopause because there are no worries about birth control. But you still need to be very careful before getting intimate with your partner.

Enjoy the thrill

Remember when you were a teenager and went on a blind date? You can enjoy that thrill even now. Just let your friends know that you are looking. Have them set up blind dates for you. Even if you had a bad experience as a teenager, give it a try. Who knows you might find the love of your life.

Know your type

If you are interested in certain kind of man or woman, hang out where you are most likely to find your type. Go to your local church, supermarket, park or hang out with like minded friends. Let them know you single and looking.

Flirt often

Flirting is ageless and open to everyone. It is an easy and meaningful way to spark the interest of someone you just met. Make them comfortable with your laughter and little bit of humor. Pay compliments, do not go overboard though.

Stay healthy and fit

If you are worried about the wrinkles and look on your face, just remember that being fit and healthy is the first and foremost thing you should worry about. Stay healthy, eat healthy. You will feel confident and self assured. Share your fears and worries. You will be surprised to find how many people share your feelings.

Double Dating

If you have friends who are also single, encourage them to date. Go for double dating if possible. It is fun at any age. Plus, it allows you to introduce your date to them and ease their minds and make them more comfortable.

Reassure children

Dating at this age may be frowned upon by your children. Just remember that most likely they are afraid to loose your undivided attention. Talk to them; ask them to share their fears. Let them know that you are pleased that they care for you and that you’ll make sure that your date treats you and your children well.

Be flexible

After crossing certain age, people become adamant with the way they live their lives. They find it very difficult to compromise and accommodate for somebody else. Always remember that when you are letting somebody in your life, you are entering theirs too. Discuss mutually on all the small and big decisions. Be flexible and open to suggestions.

Things NOT to do while on a date:

Do NOT lie about your single status and emotional vulnerability

Be honest about your status. Being dishonest to vulnerable men or women who are emotionally honest can be very hurtful and may shatter their trust for dating somebody again.

Be courteous

If you don’t want to continue seeing them again, have the decency to pick up the phone and tell them it was a pleasure meeting them but you are not romantically attracted to them, and would rather be friends. Other person would certainly appreciate your honesty and straight forwardness.

Do NOT feel hurt if other person refuses to continue with you

You are not perfect and not everyone is supposed to be attracted to you. You may not be there type. Do not say something nasty to retaliate. Be gracious and move on.

Do NOT make false promises

And sweet conversations and disappear from the face of the earth. Be honest and mean what you say. Do not overdo it romantically and promise the moon. Mean what you say.

Senior Dating can be an adventure if you keep the right attitude with age. If you are not flexible, you may have many fears to face. If you are, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your life with the new found love of your life.

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