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5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Sensitive Guy


5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Sensitive Guy

The real hot guys are not the ones worth marrying, at least most of them. The best guys are the ones with a real heart. Sensitivity is not a trait that a person is born with.

The surroundings, environment, upbringing and the experiences make a person sensitive. But girls run after hot guys because they just look on the outside. A handsome looking guy is not everything.

He might be a total jerk and a control freak. There are endless reasons why all girls should date a sensitive guy. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Caring

Reasons for dating a sensitive guy

The thing I look for in guys is them being caring and loving towards me. That is what every girl wants. A sensitive guy will look after you and will care for you. He will take care of your needs and wants, your likes and dislikes and will make certain that you stay happy. That’s the quality of a real guy and what girls need most. He won’t hurt you and will always put your feelings first.

2. Gentleman

Why date a sensitive guy

A sensitive guy will always be a gentleman. He will never be harsh on anyone and will act nicely with everyone. Whether it is your family, friends or colleagues, a sensitive guy will surely bond with everyone. He will always pull out a chair and open the door for you. He will treat you like a princess.

3. Down to Earth

Sensitive Guy Dating Tips

Hot guys tend to be egoistic and they always want to win an argument. But a sensitive guy will put your feelings ahead of everything. He will never argue on something that could hurt you. If he is wrong, he will admit it and even if he’s right, he’ll find the politest way to say it, not rub it in your face. A sensitive man will never try to act smart and make you feel down. He will keep a balance between everything and will never show-off.

4. A Good Listener

Girls crave a guy who listens to their problems and most importantly, responds to them. Girls have endless problems and they just want to be heard, that’s why a sensitive guy is best for them to date. If he sees you worried, he’ll try to find out what’s bothering you and will listen to your never-ending stories. He will take interest in absolutely pointless problems and will try to figure out a solution. He will suggest solutions and will make you feel better. He might as well give you a tight hug to make your worries go away.

5. Good Husband Material

Why date a sensitive guy

Sensitive guys are perfect husband material. He will not only give you proper time but will make sure that you stay happy. He will also turn out to be the best father. Sensitive guys have all the good qualities; they are not only sensitive towards you but they try to make the relationship work. They think things through and make rational decisions. If you want to stay happy all your life then date a sensitive guy who will understand you and make you happy.

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