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Dating Tips: Setting Basic Dating Rules


Dating Tips: Setting Basic Dating Rules

Dating is a social relationship and many of the people go into this blind. Without a plan they come out of it feeling unhappy or empty and settle for what others simply choose to give them. Remember it will be worth it in the end to know what you want and what you are going to give back in return.

Basic Dating Rules

Look Appealing

The first thing that you need to be conscious of is your own appearance. Think about it, if the person does not like you at a first glance how are they supposed to want to know you at all. Since you are probably getting to know your date for the first time, you need to remember that this person will like you more if you’re wearing nice flattering clothes and smell nice.

FYI There Is A Dating Language

Learn to read the signs of dating. If you haven’t been in the dating game for a while then you need to learn to see these signs. This is an important factor as many dates that fail include people who do not read the other person’s body language and interact appropriately. Plus these are the same people who send the wrong signals themselves.

If you are crushing on someone who will look at you and then just pass you by everyday without even saying hi, make sure that your demeanor in front of them is not of someone who’d readily wring someone’s neck. Some of the signs your date will send are “sorry you are really nice and I want to get to know you more but I just had a terrible day” and there are other signs like “you are cute, listen to me” then there are the ones that even the dating illiterates must learn at all costs: the “this was a mistake”.

Be Yourself And Don’t Be Afraid

This is by far the best rule. Fate favors the bold (or something like that). Be brave, be yourself and you might just be dubbed the clumsy and totally cute one if you spill the wine on your first date. Plus everyone knows that courage is proportionately inked to courage.

Basic Dating Rules

This also means that you should being afraid of being rejected. Remember being rejected does not put you lower on the list of eligible bachelors it only makes you better and more experienced at the game. Therefore if you chose to be comfortable with socializing and meeting new people you are more likely to be able to find love faster.

Ask First, Don’t Wait

Be yourself and Ask the person you like out first no matter if you are a man or woman. If you won’t take action for what you want nobody else will either, not even your bf or gf to be either so, when you see someone you’d readily date, go ask them where there favorite place to eat out is before someone else grabs that chance.

Did we miss anything, what are your ground rules when dating someone? Let us know.

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