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Dating Tips For Finding Love on Online Dating Sites


Dating Tips For Finding Love on Online Dating Sites

Online dating trend has caught up pretty fast in the recent years. With people looking for love in non traditional ways, singles are not found at clubs or bars.

Dating Tips To Find Love On Dating Sites

Source: NY Daily News

Instead everybody is hopping on the online dating sites – both free dating services and paid dating sites. And why should they not? We hear many successful stories of people meeting online. They have interesting stories to tell about their online profiles and first contact messages.

Well, if you are a single among the crowd also ready to find your love online, make sure you keep and play it safe. Internet is a very insecure place where without your knowledge; all your important information can be easily compromised.

1. Your online profile

This is something all the dating services ask you to fill. You may be tempted to put your entire life story on the screen, but please don’t. You are only expected to talk briefly about yourself, your hobbies, things you are looking for in a new relationship etc.

Do not write your date of birth, your full name or post very revealing pictures of yourself. Write your online profile as if you were telling someone a story about your real life. Post a decent and recent picture.

2. Online profile of other members

You may have received several contacts from other members on the dating services, indicating interest in your profile. Even if they keep asking repeatedly, do not give your personal information to someone you just started chatting.

Know about the dangers lurking in the online world. In the end, it is you who is responsible for your own safety. Always be attentive and careful of the dangers of meeting strangers.

3. Adulterers and cheating people

Adulterer or cheating people would most likely put fake or celebrity pictures on their profile, or have no picture at all. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Married or non serious guys would have “looking for casual sex” or “one night stands” set on their profile.

You may keep receiving winks or other free features available on paid dating sites. That is because they are non paying members and are looking for cheap fun. Free dating sites may have many such lurkers so make sure that you identify them before getting in touch.

4. Profiles with no pictures

If you like a member description, but find no photo, they are probably not worth your time. If they can’t find time to post a picture, they are probably not looking to impress anybody, or they may just be plain old lazy. There profile may also have many “tell you later” …. “tell you later”. Do not bother contacting them, or replying to their invites.

If you are a single on the dating site, please make sure that you contact the right people, or accept contacts from suitable singles. After all, you want someone who values stability, quality and reliability.

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