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Does He or Doesn't He? Signs He Likes You


Does He or Doesn’t He? Signs He Likes You

Getting to know someone new can be a challenge, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a while. Lots has changed since I last threw my hat into the dating arena. No one talks to anyone anymore, at least not in the traditional sense.

Signs he is in love with you

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All communication takes place over text and Facebook, where you have the luxury of editing for best appearances. There’s already enough insecurity involved in dating to leave yourself wondering if your new sweetie likes you, so here’s a few signs to help you feel at peace.

He Responds Even When Super Busy

Whether he’s at work, hanging with his boys, or participating in a sport fishing tournament, if he takes the time to talk to you when he’s otherwise occupied that’s a clear indication that he’s interested in you. Even if he can only talk long enough to say hello and he’ll contact you later when he’s free, that’s more than a sign that he’s polite and has good manners.

He Notices the Details

Guys don’t bother committing details about women to memory unless they have an interest in said woman. If he notices your hair, your outfit, or any other detail that’s changed since he last saw you, that means he’s been thinking about you and is interested in those little things that make you unique. When he remembers the things you’ve said in passing, that means he’s been listening, and trust me, men don’t listen to women unless they’re interested in that woman.

He Exhibits All the “Signs”

There’s no denying body language. Even when a guy is trying to hide his feelings, if he can’t keep his eyes off you he’s clearly interested. This is especially true if his eyes are locked on you and he doesn’t even register the presence of other women. Also watch for unconscious signs of grooming – smoothing his hair, tying his shoes, straightening his clothes – it’s the human male equivalent of preening and posing, not unlike a peacock or a turkey.

He Asks You Out

This one is absolutely undeniable. If he’s taken the time to ask you out then he’s clearly into you. Don’t bother trying to play hard to get, that will just gum up the works by leaving him confused and insecure.

Of course there’s more, and I want to hear it from the gentlemen reading this. Speak up! How else can we ladies know that you’re interested in getting to know us better?

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