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Add A Little Humor to Your Love Life


Add A Little Humor to Your Love Life

Humor is very important to maintain a relationship. A good laugh is loved by everyone and women get attracted to men whom they find funny.

Humor has a certain sexiness to it, and a good laugh is said to equal the pleasure of making love, according to some psychologists.

Men also like women that love to laugh, joke around and are positive about everything. It really builds up a relationship and clears the air.

Add Humor to Flirting

Add humor in your love life

Humor is one thing that brightens up the mood at any time of the day or in any situation. If you have recently started dating, try to add humor and little dirty jokes into the mix.

This will bring your partner closer to you making them feel more comfortable in opening up to you. Girls find funny guys sexy; they say there’s sexiness about how they add humor to their flirting conversation.

This brings them closer to them, and chances are, you are in for a long and happy relationship.

Humor is better than being boring

Spice up your love life

Duh, a funny person is undoubtedly a better partner than a boring one. A boring person will not entertain you and will bring you to the same level of dullness and disinterest. Humor keeps your relationship fresh and couples feel more excited. It can also be counted as a key to her/his bed.

Yes, humor has an effect that makes a person excited and energized. If your partner is funny, makes you laugh all the time then you would want to sleep with him/her more as compared to a normal person.

Humor will clear the air

Humor will clear the air

Ever faced a stressful situation with your partner? Try resolving the problem with a little humor. Say something stupid and make your partner laugh. It will lighten up the mood and the stress will blur out.

It is okay to act stupid

Humor is not always thought-out, most of the time, the funniest things are the stupidest. You don’t have to have sharp wit to bring your partner close to you. Just act stupid and I’m sure it will elevate your partner’s mood.

The science of humor

The science of humor

Adding humor to your relationship brings couples closer. They feel more comfortable, relieved of stress, and most importantly happy. The key to happiness is being a little funny.

Life is full of stress and worries and one can only try to enlighten the mood by adding a little humor. Share a laugh everyday because it will make your relationship stronger and healthier. Even scientists suggest that laughter releases endorphins that release stress.

– Charlie Chaplin

Has your partner made you laugh in the most stupid ways? Have you succeeded in getting a girl to fall for you because of your humor? Let us know so that we could also share a laugh or two reading your story.

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