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When to End a Relationship: It's Time to Ditch


When to End a Relationship: It’s Time to Ditch

No relationship is perfect and every couple hits a low point in their lives. That is totally normal, but when the signs are too obvious and constant, I would suggest that you don’t ignore them and take immediate action.

No one can tell you when the right time to release the strings is; it’s your heart that feels it. It is not a recipe that you can fix by adding some salt to it; in a relationship, if the damage is beyond repair, it’s better to let go.

When To End a Relationship

Here are some signs that will help you put you out of your misery and a dragged relationship.

Silly Excuses

The best sign that your relationship can no longer be dragged on is when your partner starts making lame excuses. You ask him/her to go out on a romantic dinner and he/she bails out.

You tell them that they are not giving you the time you need; they tell you that their boss is giving them a tough time at work. We all know how excuses work and what are they used for, with the result always being the same; you take the backseat.

If the excuses keep piling on with no signs of ceasing, it’s time you let go and find someone who has time just for you.

When to end a relationship

Needless Complaints

And so many other pointless complaints that your partner starts to make. If they are complaining about your looks then it simply means that they are just not interested in you anymore.

They start picking out minor flaws and then turn them into fights. That’s also a major sign that it’s time that you cut them loose. If he/she can’t see how fabulous you are then they really don’t deserve you.

Our Future Together

People who are not willing to spend the rest of their lives with you don’t bring up future talks. Yes, that’s right unless your partner is a psycho-maniac.

There will be times that you’d want to discuss about your future as a couple but your partner ignores and avoids such talks. They start making excuses like ‘we’ll see about it’.

This is not a positive sign because the people who love you would love to discuss about your future as a couple.

When to end a relationship

If you are sad most of the time in a relationship when you should be happy, know that you need to breakup. There’s no point forcing a meaningless relationship.

If you don’t take action in time and ditch that person, you’ll regret wasting your time on a dead-end relationship. Life is precious so try spending it with someone who is worth it. It’s time to ditch these disloyal and self-centered partners and move on to a better life.

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