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Perks Of Being in a Long Distance Relationship


Perks Of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

Why you should have long term relationship

There are people who are living happily in a long distance relationship but these odds are pretty low, and 9 out of 10 long distance relationships don’t last. There are many problems that couples face when they drift apart and the distance makes them miserable.

Here’s a list of perks of being in a long distance relationship.

You miss them a lot!

Perks of being in a long term relationship

When your partner is living thousands of miles away from you in a different region or country, you realize that you miss them a lot more than you previously did. You cannot do anything about it because you can’t meet them.

This is the worst thing that can happen to a person in a relationship. You will miss your long conversations, romantic dinners, long drives, beach walks, tight hugs and passionate kisses but you’ll find yourself in a helpless state. What you can do is see them on Skype but even that doesn’t replace the physical presence.


You come face to face with your worst fears. What if he finds someone else? What if he’s no longer interested in me? What if some girl attracts him? What if a guy asks her out? You will ask a lot of these questions to yourself while he/she is away.

This will directly affect your behavior and you’ll start to question them. This is the start of a broken relationship but you can’t help it because it is just the long distance getting to you. This is how it is, long distance relationships suck because they put you in all sorts of doubts.

A Lot of Patience

When you are in a long distance relationship, you need to have a lot of patience. There will be times when you’d want to hug him/her at any cost. You will miss how you two spent long hours watching TV, you’ll miss the physical intimacy but do you have the courage to deal with his/her absence?

Can you survive without him/her? This is a question one should ask itself before getting into a long distance relationship. It is very important to know one’s strengths and weaknesses before committing to something as big as a long distance relationship.

Fights Out of Frustration

Long Distance Relationship

When you’ll not be able to see his face every day or meet him, you’ll become frustrated. You’ll hate how your life has become and you’ll take it all out on him/her. Regular taunts and comments will make it harder to resist fights. You’ll realize that whenever you talk, you both are fighting. Fighting on little things, fighting on not talking and fighting because you have so much frustration built up inside of you.

Yes, They Suck!

If you have still not figured out that long distance relationships are a total disaster then go ahead and try it yourself. If you are on a self-destructive mission then go ahead with it.

Tell me how much you enjoyed being in a wreck of a relationship. Whatever I shared is out of my personal experience and if your opinions differ and if you have had a successful long distance relationship, then do share it with us because nothing is better than trying.

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