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Adventures in Dating: Common Dating Disasters And How To Avoid Them


Adventures in Dating: Common Dating Disasters And How To Avoid Them

I’m no stranger to online dating. Between my busy life as a homebody, gaming enthusiast, and part-time beach bum I really don’t get out to places where single men tend to gather. Bars don’t really do it for me, and lingering around the produce section hoping to bump into a man who can cook gets chilly after a while.

Dating Disasters

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So, like most other singles, I’ve turned to online dating. And, like most other singles, I’ve had my own share of dating disasters. I like to live by the philosophy that if we’re going to laugh about it eventually, we might as well laugh about it now, so please, learn from my mistakes.

Disaster #1 – He looked nothing like his profile pictures!

I met a nice guy through a dating website, we exchanged emails for a few weeks, and seemed to really click. He was a pilot in the military, his profile pictures featured him in his flight suit, another picture showed him looking very respectable in his mother’s living room.

Call me crazy, but I was expecting the same handsome, confident man to show up for our dinner date. No such luck! What I got instead was a timid, gangly fellow with an awkward hair cut and coke-bottle glasses. Where was the Top Gun pilot from the profile pics? I felt robbed!

Have a friend help take some flattering pictures for your profile. This includes a head shot and a full body shot. People want to see your pretty smile and appreciate knowing how much of you there is to love. Better yet, include some action shots of you out living life and having some good, honest fun.

Disaster #2 – He went from “hello” to hard-on in 2 seconds!

Okay, I’m an eternal optimist, I think it’s a bit refreshing when a guy is honest about wanting sex and nothing more. I hope fellas are equally refreshed when I let them know they have no chances of seeing me naked, let alone getting me into bed.

I went out on a few dates with this really cool guy, I was digging his vibe and starting to feel comfortable in his company. We hung out nearly every day for a week, sometimes with friends, other times just the two of us, it was nice and I was liking where things where going. Until he started to tally up how much he had spent on ice cream, cheeseburgers, movies and pointing out that I hadn’t so much as kissed him yet. What happened to the nice guy I was getting to know? Suddenly he was replaced by a pushy, rabid animal that was throwing hissy fits about his neglected nether region. Not attractive.

How To Date Online Successfully

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Sure, guys only want “one thing” but some hunters are simply more suave about how they go about bagging and tagging their prize game. Fellas are often preoccupied with sex, and some are just plain blunt and unapologetic about it. If your potential match says he’s looking for an “NSA” relationship, it means he wants sex. Nothing more, nothing less, you’re lucky if you get a drink and small talk.

Rather than taking offense as this straight-forward approach, see it as an invitation for you to be equally honest. If you want to move slowly, keep things platonic a while, start out as friends and playmates – say so! The important thing is to know yourself and value your own needs. Believe it or not, guys like it when women are direct and honest. A bit of transparency is appreciated, and that goes for more than just your choice of bedroom attire.

Dating Disasters

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Just the Tip of the Iceberg

I’m just getting started! This is only two of the most common dating disasters that I have experienced, and I know I’m not alone. I’ll be posting more disasters and their solutions soon, but in the meantime I want to hear from you, too. Have you had an online dating disaster of your own? Share it with me!

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