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Dating Advice for Women – Things to do on a First Date


Dating Advice For Women – Things to do on a First Date

Just thinking about real first date is enough to make one’s heart racing. Palms get sweaty and you feel like you are ready to pass out. Well, fret not much.

First Date Tips For Women

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Remember, this person is also meeting you for the first time, and has his own doubts and anxieties. This first face to face meeting is just getting to know each other. Your goal here is to see if there is chemistry and if he’s interesting enough to know you. Dating advice for women for their first date would be to be yourself.

If you are the one planning your first date, plan it so that it interests both of you, not just one of you. Here are some ideas that you can follow through:

Coffee shop or restaurant

Going for a cup of coffee or lunch will help to keep your date sweet and simple. If you guys click, it will keep him hanging to learn more about you. If you don’t like the guy, you won’t have to stick with the date for longer hours. It’s always a safe bet to keep the first date short, sweet and inexpensive.

Sport Events

If he’s into sports, you already scored – he will dig you anyways. If he’s not, it will actually help because you get to bond and share in the excitement.

Music Concerts or local bands

Mostly local bands are not good enough to keep listening to. If you hear something crappy, you will have something to complain about after wards. It gives you something to talk about and bond with later.

Go cart racing

Little friendly competition goes a long way. It can be lots of fun, and it pumps the testosterone. Plus if the guy is a keeper, he will let you win. You can also let him win sometimes. Make your guy feel manly and you will be the ultimate winner.

Tour buses, picnic in the park

Living in a city, we always take touristy things for granted. Take the local bus tours, go mini golfing, visit aquariums, zoos. You won’t believe how much fun you had, visiting or revisiting your own town. Being with someone new will make it all the more exciting and thrilling.

Things NOT to do on a first date:

Do NOT expect him to pay Whenever on a first date, pay for your own coffee or meal. As you start dating and get comfortable with each other you can decide on who pays when sort of arrangements, but for the very first date, pick up the tab for yourself.

Do NOT dress inappropriately Do not put on too revealing, low cut or shorty shorts. Do not wear too much makeup. Try a more reserved look for the first time you meet. If you are going on more dates later on, then you can vary your dressing style.

Do NOT bring up your exes Do not worry about your past, and focus on your date. Many women feel the need to unload about exes who did not treat them right. Remember, first dates are not the time to do so. Once you go on more dates, you can bring up the topics more naturally.

Do NOT talk about your marriage plans Do not fast forward to future, and start sizing up the guy. Pay attention to your feelings when you are with him.

As they say, First impression is the last impression. So, make sure you are well equipped with everything a guy is looking for, that is of course, if you like the guy. Remember to dress appropriately, arrive on time and keep the conversation light. Most importantly, be yourself and have fun!

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