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How To Get More Responses To Your Online Dating Profile


How To Get More Responses To Your Online Dating Profile

How To Get More Responses To Online Profile

Online profile is like your own reflection on the net. When someone is reading your profile, they are actually communicating with your personality. So, when you have decided to put your profile online, make sure it is catchy, unique and very reflective of your true personality.

How do you make that happen? Well, there are only a few pointers that you need to remember when creating your online profile. These are only a few of the many tips on how to get more responses to your online dating profile!

Keep it positive

Just think of creating a profile as meeting someone for the first time. If you keep complaining about your job, your career or your life in general, you tend to turn off your audience. Instead, keeping the things positive will not only make you a fun and unique person, it will also make you more intriguing. Do not use negative words in your profile like “desperate” or “lonely”. Your optimism can attract more potential partners and drive more responses from like minded people.

Post your recent pictures

Posting photographs of yourself can enhance your profile in major ways. Profiles with photos tend to draw more attention than the ones without. Make sure your photo is clear and doing justice with your personality and appearance. You do not have to settle with just your head shot. You can post pictures that show the activities you are involve in, like skiing, hiking, volunteering at local events etc. Also, if there has been a change in your appearance (like different hairdo or weight gain or lost) from the time your last pictures were taken, it would be a good idea to replace those with the most recent ones.

Make yourself different and unique from others

Take time to go through other profiles to see what other people are writing. If you come across something like “I am a fun person, who like to watch TV and movies. I am looking for someone who can make me laugh”, understand that this is pretty vague description of someone who is looking for someone equally vague. Instead, make yourself stand out by comparing yourself with some well known celebrity, stating your favorite movie and the reason you liked it, and why you like walks on the ocean. The clever words you use to describe yourself will set you apart and spice up your profile.

Keep it simple and straightforward

Do not write stories about your life, describing each and every incident. People should be able to read your profile in a minute or two. They won’t be reading through if you make them scroll through paragraphs. Too much information would be too tedious and boring to read.

Be honest and truthful

If you describe yourself as successful, you better have a full time well paying job. If you write you are fun to be with, you better be fun to be with. If you have kids and are divorced, do not hide the fact. Basically, what you are writing in your profile should be actually your personality and life. After all, it is better to be honest and truthful while starting on the journey of long term relationship with someone.

It is always a good idea to browse through other profiles and see what makes them interesting and set them apart from other profiles. Good Luck in your online search for love!

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