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What Colors to Wear on a First Date?


What Colors to Wear on a First Date?

Going on a First Date? First thing that comes to mind as a woman is what should you wear on a first date. Different colors can impact different emotions in our brains, especially when someone is wearing a particular color. It also depicts one’s personality.

Colors To Wear On A First Date

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Below is a list of what colors mean to each of us and the sort or emotion they drive based on numerous research carried out by experts. These can also help you decide what colors to wear on a first date.


Black commands authority and power. It is believed that it also makes people appear thinner. Black is also a color of submission (e.g. a priest wears generally black in submission to God).


Blue reflects peace as it’s the opposite of red. It actually causes the body to release calming chemicals. But beware, the wrong shade of blue can be depressing and cold. Blue also reflects loyalty, and studies have shown that people are actually more productive in blue rooms!


A truly earthy color and one that implies genuineness. Brown is one of a man’s favorite colors for some reason.


A truly calming color, have you ever noticed the green walls in hospitals to keep patients calm. Green also resembles fertility in a woman and darker greens reflect wealth and masculinity. However it’s apparently not the luckiest color to wear.


Astrologers say that gold has the capacity to be emotionally warm, loving, and nurturing and the lovers have a lot of gold energy flowing between them.


Purple presents luxury, wealth and sophistication, as well as SEX! It represents the genitalia of a man and woman and therefore spurs on sexual thoughts. It actually makes you feel more sexual wearing it!


A truly intense color that actually stimulates a faster heart beat. Red makes the wearer appear heavier and it’s no good for negotiations or confrontations. But you will get attention in RED.


Silver is suggested if you are going to an outside event because the night sky will play off of it where gold will look drab.


If you want to grab attention and be recognized as an optimist and go-getter then you can go wrong with yellow. Yellow suits darker skin tones. Research shows however that people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms, and babies will cry more. It’s a difficult color for the eye to take in so use it in small doses. Yellow speeds metabolism!


White reflects light, cleanliness, innocence and purity. It goes with pretty much anything and is a strong neutral color.

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