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How to Get Over Someone you Loved Deeply


How to Get Over Someone you Loved Deeply

Getting over someone is a slow process and needs lots of patience and effort. No matter how ready you are, it is going to be a slow and painful process, especially if you ‘ve had invested emotionally in that relationship for a long time.

How To Get Over Someone You Loved Deeply

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If the breakup was new, often the only way to deal with it is to face the pain and ride it out. It is going to hurt no matter how hard you try. But there are few things that can lessen the pain.

Here are some helpful tips on how to get over someone you loved deeply at some point.

  • Remove the obvious visual reminders of the person, if possible;
  • Put away the photographs;
  • Store away the gifts and other items that you enjoyed before;
  • Avoid going to places where you used to go together.
  • Talk to friends or family. Sharing your feelings with someone you are close with gives an outlet to emotions.
  • If necessary, seek counseling. A counselor can tell you exactly how to deal with such situation.

If you had emotionally invested into a relationship, and it ends it can potentially make you sad for years. But that doesn’t mean the sadness has to be paralyzing and depressing. Accepting it as a part of life helps in looking back and taking it as any other loss one might experience.

Just remember, if you just came out of a long term relationship, do not jump into the new one right away. You might be emotionally vulnerable at that stage and might like someone you just met. So, take this time to reflect on other parts of your life, set your priorities and focus on your future.

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