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How to Build Trust in a Relationship


How to Build Trust in a Relationship

My friend Erin () got engaged few months ago, and last I heard from her, their relationship was on the rocks. She was even thinking of breaking it off. She told me all about how they are not compatible anymore and not meant to be with each other. I listened to her story and felt there was something more to what she was telling me.

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

I asked her a few questions, and her answers gave me the hints as to what exactly went wrong in their relationship. There were career switches for both, moving to new place and making new friends, it got very stressful. In the process, they lost the major factor in a successful relationship. T-R-U-S-T.

Relationship is built on the foundation of trust. And trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship recipe. If trust is gone, relationship won’t survive. I had Erin analyze her situation from her fiancés point of view, and she understood instantly what went wrong.

There are certain things that should be maintained to keep the bond strong. Here are three concrete ways to keep that spark alive and tips on how to build trust in a relationship.

Do not take each for granted

As mentioned earlier, when the honeymoon period between a couple ends, there is this instinct feeling that your partner will start understanding what you wish to say. Express your needs and desires clearly. Do not make them guess what you need.

Be predictable

Surprising each other every now and then is different, but a behavior should not flip flop much. Your partner should know the real you. The more predictable you are, the more they can rely on you.

Believe in each other

In order for a relationship to succeed and to keep that trust alive, you need to support and believe in each other. Believe in your partner’s competency and always be there to support them.

It is human nature to want what we don’t have. With little effort, patience and understanding, it won’t be too long to rebuild that trust in your relationship.

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