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How she got 10 dates in 20 minutes?


How she got 10 dates in 20 minutes?

“Internet Dating is for losers” that’s what Mollie Grace thought, until she scored hot date online.

How To Get 10 Dates In 20 Mins

She is a good catch, and cute chic, but she was having difficult time finding the date traditional style, in the bar or grocery store. Situation sounded out of hand, when one fine day her friend Diane called her to inform that the guy Mollie liked at a mutual friend’s party had a girlfriend.

Mollie couldn’t help but ask the reason for rubbing that in her face. To which she got this reply “That hot guy has a girlfriend, and you know where they met? On the internet.” Yup, they had been internet dating.

Couple of hours later, Mollie was still contemplating about this online dating thingy. Well, it was Saturday night, and she was facing the single girl’s worst nightmare – sitting in her living room all by herself. With another thought, Mollie poured herself a cup of coffee and picked up her laptop. She started wondering if she will be able to bump into another hot guy looking for a date, just like the one she saw at the friend’s party.

As she opened up and started browsing the first site, she was slightly alarmed by the view. Last time she saw so much variety of the guys at one place was when she went to this out of city fair. But she decided not to give up and keep looking, more so for fun now. She didn’t see many appealing guys to her taste but she did notice many themes and patterns.

She could search for typically anything, the profiles with or without pictures, headshots with black and white moody colors, curly, long or short hair, eye colors, geographic location, relationship status and much more. She also came across some weird and funny looking shots of the guys doing extreme sports and proudly putting them on their profile.

As she was browsing through one of the dating sites, her eye caught John’s profile. He had very catchy line in his profile “Looking for some one who does not believe in the idea of online dating” Pretty cool. That sounded appealing.

After few minutes, she found herself creating her own profile, putting in all the details, uploading her pictures, carefully cropping out her friend’s pictures. She made sure to keep her profile short, sweet and mysterious. After previewing her profile, she submitted. She then clicked on John’s profile to add to her favorites.

She was all done for now, so she went to get another cup of coffee. I guess caffeine was helping to keep her up, along with the excitement of meeting someone with her own interests on this new venture. By the time she came back, she saw couple of messages in her mailbox.

As she browsed through them, some of them were interesting; some just not up to par. As she scrolled down towards to end of her messages, there it was – John’s message! Sweet and simple. His email simply said “I have spare tickets for Madagascar the movie next Saturday. Care to join me?” And the rest, as they, is history!

That was that. Mollie no more cares about traditional dating. She found her date, sitting in her living room, wearing her pajamas. Good going, Mollie!

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