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5 Powerful Dating Tips For Single Parents


5 Powerful Dating Tips For Single Parents

Getting back into the dating arena can be tough for single mom and single dad alike. After months spent nurturing your little one and having very little time to yourself, you find yourself in the midst of conundrum.

Dating Tips For Single Parents

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If you’re not suffering from guilt when you leave your child with a sitter, you’re stifled by your utter loneliness and need for companionship.

Finding a significant other is hardly an easy task, and that’s for adults who aren’t parents. So you can imagine how challenging it is for those who have the responsibility of their own precious bundle of joy. You’re sweaty, nervous, and pretty sure you’re not going to find what you want when you do end up on a date. All in all, it’s a pretty nerve-racking experience.

That’s why I’ve compiled this helpful list of 5 dating tips for single parents.

1. Meet New People

Staying in your own little cocoon isn’t going to help you get a date. But it can be tricky trying to meet new people when the only ones you see come up to your knee and need constant supervision. While playdates are great fun, it’s time to find someone else to chat with.

Sure, hanging out in a club is probably not the scene you want to go for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet plenty of available men and women in other situations. There are plenty of places where both children and adults hang out, and where you can spot a potential partner.

Try visiting a museum or even a zoo. The park is another place where you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon with your child, whilst still checking out the ‘talent’. If that fails you, try out some coffee shops or small cafés. I’ve known couples who’ve met in the line at the supermarket, so don’t give up hope yet! There’s someone out there for you, you just haven’t met them yet.

2. Straight Up Honesty

Don’t make the mistake of retaining information from your date. The rule here is: honesty. Straight up, straightforward honesty. You have a child. That’s a huge responsibility and it tends to change the whole dating enigma.

The key is to be honest about your situation and to tell your date that you are a single parent straightaway. Don’t be afraid. If they don’t handle it well, they obviously weren’t the one for you. If they do, you might have found a gem – one of the few people who is mature enough to handle a more complicated situation.

3. Don’t Wait Too Long

Getting back into the scene is difficult enough as it is. If you get used to being alone and become set in your ways and a little closed off to new experiences and people, you might find it challenging to open up to the dates you do have.

Take it slow when you do reenter, but do NOT wait so long that you ended up completely intimidated by the very thought of meeting new people and getting a date in the first place. Having a baby or child can make you a little bit crazy at times. Balance that crazy out with valid social interactions with other adults.

4. Keep It Clean

Do tell your children that you are dating and make time to explain why and the entire concept. Reassure them to your fullest capabilities. Then, when you do find someone special, it will be a lot easier for them to handle the situation.

However, do NOT introduce them to every guy or girl you go on a couple of dates with. There is no hard and fast rule about when to introduce your potential partner to your kids, but the general idea is that you shouldn’t unless you’re absolutely positive it’s leading somewhere.

You don’t have to share that part of your life with your children at all, until you’re sure that you won’t hurt them by doing so. After all, having a long line of men or women flit in and out of their lives is not a good idea.

5. Don’t Be Exclusive Too Soon

Allow yourself to date a wide variety of individuals instead of putting all your eggs in one basket straight away. By fishing around instead of sticking to one person, you’ll soon discover what works for you and who gels with your personality and lifestyle. That doesn’t condone promiscuity though, keep it clean and choose the one. Not the twenty.

There you have it: . Now, go out there and let your hair down!

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