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How to Meet Women on Facebook


How to Meet Women on Facebook

Social Networking sites are the most popular social medium to meet people. You can find your long lost friends, cousins you didn’t talk to in a long time or even a date. Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the most commonly used social networking sites, Facebook being the most popular one among all generations.

How To Meet Women On Facebook

The fact that these are free, one can find many random guys joining these free sites. Guys that are single and looking try to make friends with the most desirable women. In an effort they send them all kinds of messages, send pokes or funny gifts. As a result, women become immune to the messages guys send using these social networking sites, and even the genuine guys lose the chance of meeting the women of their choice.

Assuming you are one of those genuine and good ones, how do you make sure that you stand out of all these random guys?

  • Make sure that you have good circle of friends on your Facebook account. Having friends shows that you are active and have life outside of your home.
  • Join groups and become fans of activity pages. Keep active and post something in those groups and pages. Do not hesitate to post your opinions and views about any particular issues.
  • If you contact her or send her a message, make sure you start with a catchy subject and headline. This makes sure that she will open and read your message.
  • Make a short comment on her picture. Give her another cute nickname. Women like to be pampered and like the fact that guys notice something about them.
  • By reading her profile description, you can find out more about her interests and hobbies. Make sure you comment on those too, like mention about the baseball game coming up over the weekend, or that new chick flick your cousin is so crazy about.
  • Ask her open ended questions or leave your sentences in between so that she can complete them or give her own views. This is a great way to ensure a response from her.
  • Make guesses about the pictures she has posted in her profile. Where they were taken and what time they went there. If you also visited those places, chat about the cool things about that place.
  • Always show you are proactive and talk about what you guys should do next, if you feel the chemistry. Women like the men with the plan. They want their man to take initiative and plan ahead.

Meeting women on any social networking site is very much like meeting women on online dating sites or in a club. You have to make sure that you value her interests, find her attractive and pay attention to her likes and dislikes. As always, be very careful of who you contact or who you respond to on these sites just because anyone and everyone is on these sites and you never know who you are talking to.

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