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Glossary of Online Dating Lingo, Abbreviations or Shortcuts


Glossary of Online Dating Lingo, Abbreviations or Shortcuts

Online Dating Lingo

While chatting, instant messaging or exchanging messages via email, you probably come across some kind or shortcuts, abbreviations or lingo. If you have some basic knowledge about what each keyword means, it will make your life easier while communicating online. You might be wondering why these so called shortcuts are used instead of proper words? A reason behind using it may be to avoid typing the long keywords in your messages. One thing to note here is that the definitions provided for these keywords are specific only for online dating spectrum. Also note that shortcuts are case sensitive and may have different meaning if capitalized or not.

Here is the glossary of terms often used in an online dating chat room, over an instant messaging service or via email.

2NITE = Tonight
420 = Marijuana
ADR (or addy) = Address
AFK = Away from Keyboard
A = Asian
B = Black
B&D = Bondage and Discipline
BBL = Be Back Later
BI = Bi-Sexual
BBW = Big Beautiful Woman
BHM = Big Husky or Heavy Man
C = Christian
C-P = Sleepy
CWYL = Chat with You Later
D = Divorced
D&S = Dominance and Submission
Dom = Dominant
DDF (or DD free) = Drug and Disease Free
DWM = Divorced White Male
Ebony = When a white male is seeking an interracial relationship with a black female
F = Female
F2F = Face to Face
FWB = Friends with Benefits (seeking a casual, sexual relationship)
G = Gay
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
GSOH = Good Sense of Humor
GTG = Got to Go
GTSY = Glad to See You
H = Hispanic
HAGN = Have a Good Night
HWP = Height/Weight Proportional
ILU or ILY or 143 = I Love You
IMO = In My Opinion (or IMHO = In My Honest Opinion)
IM = Instant Message
ISO = In Search Of
IWSN = I Want Sex Now
J = Jewish
K = Kiss
KOTL = Kiss on the Lips
L = Lesbian
LD = Light Drinker
LMIRL = Let’s Meet in Real Life
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
LS = Light Smoker (or Legally Separated)
LTR = Long Term Relationship
M8 = Mate
M = Male
MBA = Married But Available
MM = Marriage Minded
MorF = Male or Female
NA = Not Applicable
NALOPKT = Not a Lot of People Know That
NBM = Never Been Married
ND = Non Drinker
NIFOC = Nude in Front of Computer
NS = Non Smoker
NSA = No Strings Attached (i.e. Single with no Children)
OLL = Online Love
OTP = On the Phone
P = Professional
PC = Prince Charming
QT = Cutie
RUMORF = Are you Male or Female?
S = Single
SBM = Single Black Male
SBF = Single Black Female
SBW = Single Black Woman
SD = Social Drinker
SI = Similar Interests
S&M or S/M = Sado-Masochistic (Sadism and Masochism)
SMIM = Send Me an Instant Message
SMEM = Send Me an E-Mail
SO = Significant Other
SOH = Sense of Humor
SorG = Single or Gay
Sub = Submissive
SWAK = Sealed with a Kiss
SWF = Single White Female
SYS = Se You Soon
TDH = Tall, Dark, and Handsome
TDTM = Talk Dirty to Me
THX (or TX) = Thanks
TIAIL = Think I am in Love
TIC = Tongue in Cheek
W = White (can also mean Widowed if at start of abbreviation; i.e. WBM = Widowed Black Male)
WE = Well Endowed
WTR = Willing To Relocate
WUF = Where are You From?
WYCM = Will You Call Me?
WYRN = What’s Your Real Name?
YO = Years Old

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