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Creative Ways to Make Dates More Interesting


Creative Ways to Make Dates More Interesting

Creative Ways to Make Dates More Interesting

Let’s say, you followed my advice on “How to create a catchy profile” or not, but you scored an interesting date for this Saturday night. You got the date alright, and are planning to take her out on dinner and a movie. If you are wondering how to keep the date exciting and catch the woman’s attention as well keep your bill in your budget, you are thinking in the right direction. But of course, you need some more guidance to score that second date.

Typical first dates include a night out for movies; dinner followed by a walk and dropping her off at her place hoping for a goodbye kiss or something more. Well, this kind of planning may backfire since it sounds very stale and boring. You should plan your first date somewhat different from the usual pattern. Instead of taking her to the movies, go out for some fun physical activity, like a game of bowling, pool, biking or mini golf. Keep it a friendly outing, use some ice breakers to make it comfortable for both of you, tell funny anecdotes about your college days, previous weird dates. Just keep it friendly.

Michael Webb explains all these and more dating ideas in his dating guide 300 creative ideas for dating. You will find an assortment of dating ideas in his guide. You can learn dozens of great ideas on what to do on your first and follow up dates, without spending much and keeping in your budget. Some are refreshing ideas that makes one think how come I never thought of this before, and others are good reminder of places everybody knows about. They are inspiring enough to look for an adventure in your life.

His guide also includes “dating coupons” you can give to your partner to redeem at a later date. Coupons include interesting spots to visit like an evening at drive-in theater or an hour long bike drive.

If you are taking someone out for the first time or going out on regular dates with your long term partner, it is very important to keep the date alive, full of excitement, spicy, humorous, saucy and delightful.

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