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3 Powerful Tips on How to Approach A Woman


3 Powerful Tips on How to Approach A Woman

Learning how to approach women isn’t hard, it just takes time and – a great deal of patience. Why should so much patience and effort be put into it?

Tips On How To Approach Women

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Learning how to approach women is a form of art, and like any art, it takes determination to get it right. Women are complex species that have a will of iron hidden behind an angelic and feminine facade.

Women are like fine wine – intoxicating, sensual and gets better with time. It is often difficult to truly understand women unless you’ve invested enough time in getting to know them. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to approach women, here are three powerful tips to help you get started.

Tip #1. Confidence

Confidence is something that you must master prior to . You have to learn how to master a level of unwavering confidence – or at least pretend like you do if you want to successfully approach women. You must , and mostly ensure that is running thorough on your part at all time. Women will be turned off by men who appear nervous, stutter or in any ways sends out the signal that he is nervous or insecure. This translates back to the woman as a lack of self confidence or simply a turn off.

Tip #2. Personal Hygiene

This is something that you can be sure ranks up there with the “chemistry” part. By being hygienic, your breath should be fresh, clothes should be neat and tidy, and your hair well-groomed. Cologne is definitely a delightful option. A lot of women agree to feeling more attracted to a man because of the cologne that they use. It just makes them so manly!

Tip #3. Be polite and respectful

Most women prefer to only. If you try to act up, or throw minor offense and think that this may somehow attract a lady, you are in for a big surprise. Most respectable women knows how they should be treated and games like these will just have them look at you like you just came from the zoo – and not worth speaking to.

When approaching women, it’s best to avoid judgment, seek instead to understand each one individually will give you a better chance of success.

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