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Questions to ask the guy you want to date

Questions to ask the man you want to date

It is usually hard to talk to the guy you want to date, because you want to sound al smart and cute before him. You wouldn’t want the first impression to become a bad one, so basically you are planning to impress him.

This pressure usually leads to stress that is never a wise decision in such a situation because stress can make you do and say things opposite as to the you want to.

One other thing that occurs is that inside your urge to understand the man better you tend to bombard him with questions, that is again an awful idea.

Here is a list of short smart and cute questions that you ought to ask the man you intend to date:

What gets you to smile?

This is an extremely cute and straightforward method to determine, what cheers up your guy. This article help you out greatly later on as it will allow you keep him happy.

This question sets the atmosphere beautifully as it is intended to catch him off guard in a way it immediately takes him back to the moment that makes him smile.

Which food do you like in particular?

This question can prove to bring out enough detailed information online about his personality. He may go on and on about it, if he loves food. Such fun questions can prove to tell you a lot about the personality of a guy.

Would you like it if we spend time more regularly?

You need to be careful with this question as it might lead to the wrong impression regarding you.

If asked within the wrong way, it might make you appear too desperate or a will make you appear just like a creepy stalker which is not what we want. So ensure that you allow it to be sound cute and funny.

When was the final time you sang to anyone?

Such questions cause you to seem intelligent and humorous which are qualities that are bound to attract any guy. The primary idea would be to sell your funny and intelligent image and absolutely nothing else.

Would you’d rather get a windfall or fall in love?

This is question sounds casual and fun however it aims to look for the nature of the guy. It tells you if the guy is materialistic or whether he’s a romantic nature.

Such questions provide you with a peek fundamentally values of the guy.

Would you say the cup is half full or half empty?

This is really a fundamental question to inquire about the guy because it will tell you whether he’s an optimist by nature or perhaps a pessimist. Determining this is important because it will explain if the guy can motivate and pick you up when you are upset or is he the one that will bring you down.

Which quote is the favorite in life?

This question will explain what drives the guy and just what motivates him in life. It will tell you a great deal about his
preferences and interest as well as about his intellect.

How would you vent when you’re angry?

These questions are aimed to make you look smart and funny when they assist you to see whether up to now the man or otherwise.

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