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Flirting 101 – How to Play Hard to Get


Flirting 101 C How you can Play Hard to Get

I’d like to say I’m pretty slick with regards to flirting, however I’m pretty clumsy and horribly from practice. I favor the direct approach of saying, “I like you” and “I enjoy your organization.”

How to play hard to get

This honest method seems to exercise well enough, but there is some merit to playing challenging. Men love the thrill from the chase, and that’s why it pays to become a teensy bit elusive in your availability.

If they believe they need to work to enjoy your organization, you may find you like their company much more.

Three Approaches to be Just Out of Reach

Be Outrageously Fun C Catch his eye when you are genuinely fun and confident. By being comfortable in your own skin you signal a message to others that it’s cool to become comfortable in your presence. Be the life from the party by making sure you’re mingling and not spending a lot of time devoting your attention to only one person. Popularity is alluring, especially if it’s genuine and never a desperate plea for validation. Let hair down, hit the party area with your girlfriends and have a great time. However, It is best to draw the road at dancing on the bar, and just join the wet t-shirt contest if you think you can win.

Be Occupied C Tempting as it might be to respond to texts within thirty seconds, just a little mystery enables you to memorable. Respond inside a reasonable time period, like fifteen minutes for an hour, to point that you’re available although not located on the surface of the phone in breathless anticipation. Let him wonder what you’re doing, if he has an outrageous imagination he’ll be extra-pleased to listen to from you when you finally return his call.

Be Interesting C Remember that you had a rich, exciting life full of adventure long before this handsome fellow entered the image. Keep up! Sure, you may have to gently refuse a date together with your new guy because you have previous intends to go ziplining, but that will just make him anticipate talking to you more. Besides, you’ll have plenty of interesting topics to discuss when you finally spend some time together.

Hard to obtain, Harder to Hold

Always make sure to conserve a sense of independence and individuality. It is really so tempting to pour yourself completely into a relationship once someone has managed to capture your heart, but it’s this veering from your core values that can whither the building blocks of the strong relationship.

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